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April 3, 2008

I made it. I’m working up a longer post (or series of posts) to reflect on what I learned, but in the meantime I have some thoughts on why I am returning to Google:

1. Google books.  I am sick of searching for a book title and getting Yahoo’s prominent links to Target’s bookstore.  Amazon’s listings and Google books are way more useful for me (as a scholar), and these are right at the top of Google’s results.

2. Gmail.  I never figured out how to move my reading of one list I am on hosted by googlegroups, so I have simply not read those messages for a month and now I am catching up. I only lurk on this list, so one month off was not a big loss.

3. YouTube/ Google video.  I was cheating anyway (see below on Pato, Zidane, etc).

4. I haven’t yet switched back to Safari, and I am still using Opera (primarily) and Firefox.  I have been using Safari for banking, taxes, and other websites that have code that seems to overwhelm Opera.

5. I haven’t yet used any maps but when I do it will be Google maps, which seems to be the least quirky/buggy and most useful. Or maybe just most familiar.