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Is Twitter relevant?

April 4, 2009

There’s a nice piece by Andrew Ratner in the Baltimore Sun that asks when Twitter took over the world.  He gave me a name-check in the piece after we had a brief exchange about earlier technologies that quickly became their own punchlines.  I told him that there were aspects of Twitter, as critiqued in the clever animation he sent me, that reminded me of my experiment with Google (the addiction stuff is astute).  But in the end he included my reminder that Charlie Chaplin’s performance in Modern Times (now that March is over I can link guiltlessly to youtube) captured contemporary fears about factory mechanization.  My career as a pundit began and ended thus.



April 3, 2009

It’s a difficult thing to struggle not to use Google in any aspect of one’s online activities.  As long as one is free to make that choice, and not unduly inconvenienced in one’s effort to make that choice, ok.  But for some folks, participation in the world that Google is creating is not a choice but instead an invasion.  This, I think, may be a useful distinction and an interesting point of departure for wondering how the private (one’s home) becomes public (visible to passers-by), and how the public becomes private (leverage for Google ad dollars).