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I am on the job market.  And thus I need to spend a lot of time checking out various university websites to get a whole range of information, from where they are to who is teaching in what departments, where certain buildings are, etc.  You might see where this is going.

Unfortunately many university search engines are powered by Google.

So instead of searching I am simply trying to go up and down the various categories to find what I need.  How hierarchical.  Yet actually informative in a way, too.  Reminds me a bit of Cass Sunstein’s lament of the “daily me”–10 or so years ago.  That is, when we customize we tend to lose sight of the broader context in which information is presented.

Site maps are also useful, although apparently a dying breed – especially when universities (and their IT departments) are decentralized.


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One Response to “Google university”

  1. Beth Says:

    Jumped onto your experiment from Siva’s blog – as a libarian with a thing for web search I myself tried not using Google a few months ago and lasted about a week – partly because I use dial-up at home and find Google loads the quickest, esp. compared to Yahoo. But partly because I like their results better.

    Speaking of Yahoo -you can search university sites using Yahoo’s index rather than the university’s Google-powered index by adding the “site:” operator after your search terms in Yahoo (you can do this in Google too), you can probably do this in Ask as well . Ex: faculty association Ex: benefits … you get the picture. The site: feature comes in handy generally for web sites that have crappy or non-existent search engines.

    Two engines to try while you’re busy not using Google: and – Yahoo or Ask them to find out how they’re different. Happy non-Googling!

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