So far, so good

I have managed to goone day without Google.  Just a few notes:

  • Opera is working out well (I had to switch from Safari, which could not be untangled from the Google search bar). My default is Yahoo search, which I hope is not powered by Google.
  • I have added prominent bookmarks on the bookmark bar to and MapQuest, but I only used the latter yesterday.  MapQuest is a little different from Google Maps, but is just as useful for getting from A to B. I am also hopeful that it won’t send me to random places in the countryside, as Google Maps tends to do.
  • I use gmail for only one thing, and that is to keep up with list traffic on one group that uses google groups.  I just remembered I forgot to deal with that one ahead of time (I’ll need to read it via RSS, but I am not a big RSS-head so I’m not 100% sure how that all works).  Maybe I’ll have to go back to Google just one time to do this; but hopefully not.
  • On Yahoo search: I am putting together a slide show for Tuesday, and have been doing lots of searches on books and images. Yahoo was more than capable of handling that, and even brought me to some different places on the Web that I had never seen before.  For instance, Target’s online bookstore was ranked higher than Amazon or Google books. Odd.

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